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A Service Management System

Focus Technical Limited are a company who specialise in the repair, servicing and management of analytical and medical equipment.

ETL were tasked with the development of a database solution handle all aspects of the company's business from job booking to expense reporting. The system needed to be accessible from multiple locations, therefore a web based solution was ideal. Certain elements of the system also needed to function off-line as much of the company's work is conducted by engineers working at their customers' sites where an internet connection couldn't always be guaranteed.

ETL worked closely with Focus to document their business requirements and develop an efficient and cost effective solution, taking care to ensure that any future modifications and improvements could easily be integrated.

Upon completion of the project, Focus Technical commented:

The service management system contains all our customer records, cross linked for easy searching. Previously this information was spread between multiple applications and even paper records, it has transformed the day to day running of the company giving us a single application that can be accessed from anywhere with internet access.

Stock tracking for field engineers was previously a paper trail with many loopholes that required regular stock checks. With the database stock movement is fully documented and traceable back to a specific job or engineer. This has transformed the running of the service department allowing everyone involved access to all information and records with ease.

Job booking and tracking is now handled by the database from the point of contact by the customer to report the problem, to the scheduling of the job and booking to the field engineer. The final process of electronic sign off and distribution of the jobsheet is also handled by the database.

Tracking of test equipment and associated calibration records is all tracked on the database, giving us advance warning of expiring equipment. Movement of all loan and in house test equipment and current status is now viewable from a single point.

The single most important aspect and driving force behind the development and implementation of the Focus Technical service management system was the requirement to radically improve the speed with which we process and handle completed service work, the key areas of this are the stock control and replenishment to reduce costly overstocking, and the primary function to allow rapid billing of completed work. On all aspects of this the database has exceeded all expectations and transformed the way we work.

The average billing time for jobs and stock adjustments / reordering was between 3-7 days normally, on occasions 7-10 days. This on average is now reduced to 1 day, and in some cases processing of the job on the same day. The financial gains have been very significant whilst also benefitting from further direct cost savings which have come from reduced stocks and savings on finance charges. The financial benefits from implementing the service database have significantly outweighed any development costs for the database.

We are actively looking to implement further aspects of the business into the database to further improve productivity and streamline our business further.

ETL Data Solutions have taken our vision for a service management system and implemented them in a solution that has exceeded all expectations and continues to improve our business on a daily basis.

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