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Database Management & Hosting

Let ETL take the stress out of data management.
Whether you need a simple or complex database solution, ETL have the skills and experience to develop and maintain effective solutions to allow you to maximise on your data assets:

  • In-house or secure hosted solutions.
  • Creation of bespoke databases and custom matching routines.
  • Restructuring or optimisation of existing solutions.
  • Management of data feeds and reporting on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis.
  • Integration of industry standard suppression files.

CRM & Online Solutions

Customer Relationship Management is an essential part of modern business; it is the relationship between your organisation and your customers.

The purpose of CRM is to increase business efficiency and therefore profit; this is achieved by providing a better service to your customers, leading to reduced costs, wastage, and complaints.
Well delivered CRM helps you grow your business as customers stay with you longer, customer churn rates reduce and increasing numbers of satisfied customers refer increasing numbers of new customers.

ETL can help you validate the integrity and hygiene of information loaded into CRM applications, including:

  • Enhancement and correction of data.
  • Reformatting.
  • Deduplication by specific criteria.
  • Creation of a single customer view.

ETL have the ability to organise your information into an accessible repository and use cleansing and modelling to transform your data into accurate, meaningful relationship information.

Data System Migration

It is common for organisations to consolidate and migrate data between systems; this may be due to the replacement of legacy systems with more robust and scalable solutions or may arise when separate systems need to be unified. In either case, efficient and accurate extract, transformation and migration of data is essential to ensure the integrity of your valuable information is maintained.

With over 18 year's combined experience of database systems and programming ETL are specialists in the field of data transformation and migration and are ideally suited to support your business needs.

Hygiene & Cleansing

Data is often a company's most valuable asset. Increased competition and customer expectation mean that the accuracy of your data is key to the success of your marketing campaigns.

Data hygiene and standardisation are also important to ensure internal systems are as up to date and accurate as possible. Over time, errors often accumulate - such as the introduction of duplicates and non standardised data elements caused by user error.

ETL are able to offer a range of services to ensure the accuracy of your data, including:

  • Reformatting of address information to PAF standard.
  • Bespoke deduplication routines built to suit your requirements.
  • Industry standard suppression file screening (TPS, Mortality, GAS, Redirections).
  • BT Telephone Directory Appending.
  • Bespoke cleansing routines.

Data Investigation

Does your organisation have an information management system that does not meet the desired objectives or deliver the expected benefits? Quite often the underlying data within the information system can be the cause of many problems.

ETL can undertake a data investigation project to determine the cause of the issues, we will analyse the data to identify problem areas and provide a detailed report documenting the problems and our findings.

ETL will then work with your organisation to develop solutions to the issues and ensure the solution implementation resolves the problems within the information management system.

Marketing Campaign Management

Management and data optimisation are key to the success of any marketing campaign.

ETL have extensive experience of managing large scale telemarketing and direct mail campaigns on behalf of leading financial organisations, handling upwards of 1 million leads per month across 40 - 50 concurrent campaigns.

Allow us to assist with any aspect of campaign management to reduce overhead by providing bespoke support when you need it.

  • Full lifecycle project co-ordination, on site or remotely from our secure offices.
  • Data hosting, selection and preparation.
  • Co-ordination and support of your marketing agencies.
  • Performance analysis to increase productivity and maximise ROI.

Additional Services

As well as the specific items detailed above, ETL have a range of other skills which can be drawn upon to support your business needs. These include:

  • Statistical analysis - undertaking performance analysis and segmentation to develop propensity models to target marketing activity and improve campaign performance.
  • Web design and programming - including delivering database driven applications such as product catalogues and CRM systems over the web.
  • Project management - management and support of internal and outsourced database and IT projects.
  • Defining requirements and solutions - investigating organisational needs to develop a business requirements specification and specify recommended business solutions.
  • Business intelligence - using BI to deliver data analysis to decision-makers, allowing organisations to react and improve performance to support the business strategy.
  • Desktop application programming and automation - automation of processes within desktop applications such as Microsoft Excel, Word and Access to improve standardisation and increase productivity without the need for (often costly) specialised software.

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